Recent Transaction 

Bio Diesel plant
Office complex
Refinance $5,000,000
Multifamily development $1,200,000
Combination of Debt, Equity and Mezzanine Financing, NJ
Funding arranged through our capital partner. United States
Aquisition and development, 100% construction funding, with 25% down for purchase. rate: 7.99%. 5 year term
  1. C-store/Gas Station
    C-store/Gas Station
    $1.2 million refinance senior debt. SBA Express. 14 days closing
  2. Major hotel and casino purchase, Puerto Rico-$35mm
    AMD will provide debt finance and seller carry of a second note for the purchase of a private beach front hotel and casino, Puerto Rico.In process.80% LTV, 25YR Term., rates 5.99-6.25%. points: 3%
  3. Residential sub-division 60 homes $2,900,000
    Acquisition and development of 60 lots. Funding in 61 days. Fayetteville, NC. AMD secured down payment through refinancing primary residence, and securing bridge loan for phase 1 to complete 25 lots.
  4. Beach front Hotel resort $160mm
    144a Bond and Venture capital start up. Seed financing. Caribbean . International Project.

Standby Letter of Credit $7MM completed in 4 DAYS

We secured a Direct letter of credit for our client in Hong Kong for $7,000,000. The purchase of this credit enhancement, to secure acquisition of oil commodity. The cost was 3%, and was completed with Bank Leumi, New York in 4 days. 

Non-profit organization seeking the acquisition of Church in Florida. We secured $2.9mm Private hard money loan within 29 days. Client was seeking financing for 9 months. Rate: 9.99%, Term: 10 years. Points: 3%. 70% Loan to value. We created a new LLC adding the co-Pastor as co-borrower to complete the transaction.

True Gospel Church
CLOSED OR IN PROCESS transaction :

24 unit multifamily development, Albany NY, $1,250,000 pending closing
Coffee shop line of credit $525,000, Rate: 4.99%, 3 WEEK CLOSING!
Water reclamation plant, China, Private company, and our Hedge fund group to secure $65 million.
Aquisition and development: Residential subdivision: debt and equity piece $16mm (pending)
Office building, Phoenix AZ. 80% Funding, Purchase and rehab. closed in 69 days
Hard money first lien and 10% private loan total (80% CLTV). Points: 4.5% Broker: 1%.
Funding for projects are provided by our Private banks, and Investor Group. 


                                                                        Broker Testimonial 

It was great to be involved with the $3,000,000 SBLC instrument for Helicom Corporation Inc. in March 2017.
Mr. Cohen simplified the entire processes within Ten (10 ) Banking days. For this reason, Helicom Corporation Inc. is currently doing another $7,000,000
SBLC instrument.

Dr.  Rasheed  Adams
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