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Americap Direct Corp. (AMD) is a NATIONWIDE loan placement consulting firm with our vast licensed and bonded network of Investors, Bond Investors, and Hedge fund managers.
AMD is equipped and motivated to help companies with projects with proven, cost-effective technologies that can reduce the impact of global climate change, improve air quality, stabilize the electric power grid, better help meet growing electricity demand and lessen our dependence on fossil sources.
Project financing is a crucial component of any successful alternative energy or renewable power project, especially during difficult economic times. AMD can assist Clients and brokers in their attempt to secure funding by working on $5M (USD) to $500M (USD) and higher alternative energy and renewable power funding requests that may require innovative financing and structuring.
If you are a real estate developer seeking financing to build, purchase or refinance commercial real estate we can help. We can provide permanent financing at the best interest rates and construction to perm loans. We also provide equity, mezz and/or joint venture partners as well. Non-recourse financing is available and we have access to all government guaranteed lending programs.

In addition to providing permanent financing solutions at the best interest rates available, we also have direct access to aggressive private investors which can provide Debtor in Possession (DIP) loans, mini-perms, rehab loans, bridge loans, quick closing loans for acquisitions and discounted payoff (DPO) scenarios with short time frames and any other out of the box scenarios with tangible collateral that can be pledged. 
As a multi-faceted Loan placement and consulting company we have the ability to arrange funding for all sectors of the oil & gas industry from the large oil producer, to the smaller independent operator, to refinery operators, transportation companies, to even the retail gas station/c-store owner and all other real estate holdings of oil & gas companies.

Oil & Gas Sectors Served:

Reserve- based oil drilling
Oil Sands and Oil Shale projects
Gathering Processing & distribution
Refining & distribution systems
Pipelines, related infrastructure, including compression Storage
Liquefied Natural Gas
Oilfield equipment & services
Petroleum distribution and Transportation
Retail Gas Station and C-Store Real Estate
Transaction Types:

Horizontal / Vertical Drilling & Fracking Joint Ventures
Project and acquisition joint ventures
Senior loans, term and revolving
Oil Reserve-based credit facilities
Initial financings to begin drilling or recapitalizations
Growth capital
Financing for oil company real estate holdings 
If Geological Report shows indication of substantial in-ground assets a Strategic Joint Venture Partner can be brought to the table that would do its own due diligence and order its own Engineering Report. Our company is equipped with specialized knowledge of the marketplace. By examining every aspect of our client’s business we are able to engineer out of the box affordable financing quickly and efficiently.
Wind Energy Finance
Solar Energy Finance
Biofuel Energy Finance
We have successfully
arranged funding with many
wind energy projects and we
assure you to provide fast
and easy solutions according
to your need.
Even though it was well
known long before that sun
rays are powerful source of
energy, the economical ways
of converting it was
mastered very recently. low
documentation renewable
Plants, agricultural produce
and animal wastes are used
to feed the biofuel industry. A
wide variety of feed-stocks
are -- available to producers
of biofuels today.