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Commercial Loan types
Property types  
Residential loan
Hard money: $250k to $500mm 70% LTV/close in 30 days or less/ short term: 2-10 years
rate: 8-12%, closing fee: 5%
Line of credit: $100k to $5mm, close in 10 days, rates from 10-21%.
Conventional funding: Up to 90%, close in 60-90 days. rates:4-6%. Purchase and Refinance
Loan amount: $500k to $500mm
closing fee: 2-3%
Joint venture, bond funding: up to 100% funding, loan amount: $10 million to 1 billion
points: 5-10%, term: 3-10 years
Construction and rehab: up to 95% LTV, Loan amount $150k-500mm. Term: 2,5,10 years
Rates: 8-12%. Points: 3-5%

We secure funding for apartments, assisted living, hotel, office, retail building resort, agriculture, green energy , bed and breakfast, self-storage, funeral home, Mixed use, warehouse, day care, strip mall, car wash, automotive, Flag and Non flag hotel/Motel Mobile home park

Up to 90% LTV No Mortgage insurance
No Foreclosure, Short Sale or BK Seasoning
Two years from Short Sale to 90% LTV
One year from Short Sale to 85% LTV
$3,000,000 loan amounts
50% DTI
Bank Statements for Income to 90% LTV
ATR-In-Full & Asset Depletion No Income or Employment Requirement
NO Reserves, NO Pre Payment Penalties
Closing points: 3%
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Property address
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Property type: ex: hotel, office etc
2018 Gross income
2017 Gross income
Year to date income
Total down payment/closing and third party Fees?
Requested term: 2,3,5,10 or 20 years
Are you shopping this loan& any issues?
Property value
Cash out amount
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Loan seeking: Joint venture, hard money, 100% Bond, Conventional, Bridge, line of credit, construction
Are you: Broker/Agent Principal Attorney
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Property vacant or land loan
(NOI) net operating income 2016-2018
Purchase price
Commercial loan requirements
What Commercial Property Information Do We Need?

Previous 2 years and YTD Income/Expense statement
Rent Roll/Lease Summary including square footage of units
Copies of leases
Property address and description, including: age, construction type and square footage
Copy of purchase contract (if purchase)
Photos if available

What Commercial Loan Borrower Information Do We Need?

 Personal finance statement (dated within 3 months)
Previous 2 years tax return
Use of loan proceeds

4  Ways To Apply

There are four ways to apply for a commercial loan through us:

Online.  Enter the information requested below, and upload your support documents.

Email.   Complete our “Submission Form”, and send with all required documents to our intake desk by emailing us at   [email protected] 

Direct.  If you have been assigned an Account Executive on a previous transaction/submission, then you may send it in directly to that person.

 Over the Phone: You can contact our agent and we can complete the intake process over the phone within 30 minutes. call  877-998-7539