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Who we are and company history
Houston Tx, Headquarter
Americap Direct is headquarters in Houston, Tx. Our Private Lender Network is currently licensed in all 50 states. We have Agents in every state for your convenience.  We are solution oriented. Each transaction is unique, and needs to be treated with a specific targeted solution in mind. This is what separates Americap from other Investor underwriter. Americap has the experience to structure and place complicated files for funding with top Bond sponsors, Joint Venture capitalist, hard money and conventional banks. Our team of professionals have been in the commercial finance world for many years, and focus only on transactions that require a personal touch due to difficult or unusual circumstances. Locations: Houston TX, Chicago, IL, New York, NY.  and satellite offices Nationwide.
Americap Direct was formed in 2010 to deal with the changing and complex commercial market. We are bonded,  and insured, with a A+ rating with BBB. John Devinci, CEO,   US Navy Veteran. Our expert financial consultants, Independent MBA certified advisor, underwriters, and financial analyst will perform a complete analysis of the project. We provide special attention to specialty projects. Our philosophy is take the time to learn our clients business so we can become a source of financial advice in addition to capital. Mid Market to Very Large Corporations and Real Estate Developments use Americap Direct resources for financial consulting and their direct source of capital both domestically and internationally. We are the key to funding your project, our investors, hard money groups, private equity partners and hedge fund group task us with loan structuring, financial advising, and underwriting complex files to meet or exceed their requirements for funding. WE DO NOT CHARGE UPFRONT FEES. FREE FILE EVALUATION. WE CHARGE ONLY A CONSULTING FEES OR  SPECIALTY SERVICE FEES. Third party report fees paid to lender or escrowed into designated third party escrow account.
                                                                                                               Our Mission and Services

It is well known in today's commercial lending markets and Alternative funding markets can be tough to secure a bonafide Lender, that will perfrom ina timely manner. We navigate with our direct lending institution, and comply with their ever changing  guidelines to follow. Our experience and relationships with today’s capital markets allow us to effectively analyze each financing request and place the loan with the proper lender. We underwrite every file in-house with our experience team of MBA Certified commercial underwriters to facilitate the process. Our approach saves our clients valuable time, while ensuring the most competitive terms in the market. You will no longer have to familiarize yourself with a new lending institution every time you need a loan.

We maintain a vast network of lenders for all types of commercial financing. Our capital sources include:

  • Agency Lenders, Life Insurance Companies, CMBS Lenders, Pension Funds
  • National, Regional, Local, and Community Banks, Credit Unions
  • Venture and Private Equity Funds
  • Government affiliated institutions such as USDA and SBA
  • Hard money and Alternative funding
  • Joint venture 

Whether you are seeking a 20 year fixed rate for a large commercial property, bridge loan, alternative funding, credit enhancement, proof of funds, a mini perm loan for a development project, or a line of credit to make a seasonal inventory purchase, we can arrange the proper financing. Our service includes the following (1) File structure and financial analysis (2) Commercial loan consulting (1) two loan offers, (2) Up to two term sheets (3) facilitate and coordinate process with Lender's underwriter, while effectively providing the required documents .

Many of Americap’s clients are referrals from banks who turned down the client’s initial loan request. We get them approved through other banks and alternative lending institutions from within our large network. We are able to do this due to our deep experience with a vast array of alternative lending solutions and an extraordinary finance network consisting of many of the most dedicated professionals in the industry.

Meet The Financial Advisors and Underwriters
Commercial Loan Underwriting  A  Brief History

In the past, commercial loan requests were underwritten based on the commercial lender's internal credit policies and guidelines. The commercial lender, most often a bank, commercial mortgage bank, or insurance company would underwrite each commercial mortgage loan request on its own individual merits. The commercial lender would then look at their portfolio and determine the saturation level for the specific property type, delinquencies, and other related projects in the area and either approve the commercial real estate loan request or deny it. Today, they dont have time to complete the above, unless your file is properly structured, Americap Direct underwriting team will structure your file, insure the cash flow analysis, loan to value, credit worthiness and property analysis are in compliance. 

Often a commercial loan request would comply with the commercial lender's credit policy but get denied because the lender may have reached saturation or may currently be experiencing a high delinquency rate for the subject property type.

Luckily, commercial mortgage lending has become more mainstream with many other funding options available for commercial real estate loans.

Cash Flow Analysis (DSCR)  

The most important component when underwriting a commercial loan request is the analysis of the subject property's cash flow. Specifically, the subject property must have enough cash flow to cover all the property expenses plus the new loan payment. The ratio used to calculate the cash flow for a commercial real estate loan is called the DSCR or DSC ratio. Typically, commercial lenders require a minimum DSCR of 1.20x. meaning, for every dollar ($1.00) in debt incurred, the property must contribute one dollar and twenty cents ($1.20) in cash flow to support the commercial mortgage payment.

Loan to Value (LTV)

Unlike residential lending, commercial real estate properties are viewed more conservatively. Generally, commercial lenders will require a minimum of 20% of the purchase price to be paid by the buyer when applying for a commercial loan. The remaining 80% can be in the form of a commercial mortgage provided by either a bank or commercial mortgage company. Some commercial real estate lenders will require more than 20% contribution towards the purchase from the buyer. What a commercial lender will do is subject to their appetite and the quality of the buyer and the property. Loan to value is the percentage calculation of the commercial loan amount divided by purchase price. If you know what a lender's LTV requirements are, you can also calculate the commercial mortgage loan amount by multiplying the purchase price by the LTV percentage. Keep in mind that the purchase price must also be supported by an appraisal. In the event that the appraisal shows a value less then the purchase price, the commercial mortgage lender will use the lower of the two numbers to determine the commercial loan size.

Credit Worthiness 

For commercial loans made to a business - owner-occupied commercial property - businesses less than three years old, personal credit of principals will be evaluated. For non-owner occupied businesses, a single entity bankruptcy remote entity is usually formed to take ownership. The guarantors must have good credit and are required to provide income documentation. For stated income commercial loans, guarantors need not provide tax returns or personal financial statements.

Property Analysis 

Fair Market Value and Fair Market Rent will be analyzed. Special use property may require additional underwriting. Age, appearance, local market, location, and accessibility are some other factors considered.



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Mr. Cohen/Veteran/CEO/US Navy 1988
Americap Direct
The actual interest rate may vary based on the terms of the loan selected, your credit history, the location and type of property, and other factors determined by lenders. The rates mentioned are available in most states, but not all states. Not all consumers will qualify for specific rates and terms offered to applicants by lenders and providers within our network. Rates are subject to change without notice. The low rate shown should generally be considered an ideal lending scenario and will go up based on asset risk and borrower risk.  Americap is not a direct lender,we offer financing solutions with our portfolio companies, captal investors, hard money investors by tailoring the right loan for your Project. We operate in the United States and International.  Our Private Lender Network is currently licensed in all 50 states.
When banks say "no" we say "Yes"