1. Americap Direct Advisers Financial placement Strategy & Direct Funding
  2. Joint Venture and International funding
  1. Commercial Loan
    These days it takes the right team to properly structure the right financing for  projects from $750,000 to $500,000,000 .
  2. Line of Credit
    We understand the need for business to have access to different amounts of funds, at different times and purposes.
  3. No Upfront fees
    Many commercial loan Brokers/Private groups will require a upfront fees. We will not charge any fees. All fees are escrowed or paid to our Lender.
  4. Crowd funding
    Millions of people have raised over $5 billion. Crowd funding can raise capital by investing in your Project and in return a small equity position. Let us structure and submit your crowd funding project.
  5. Stated Income loan
    We offer stated income, no ratio stated asset loans. Require Fico score 650. Nationwide funding, all property types. Loan from $275,000 to $5,000,000.
  6. International Lending
    Americap Direct provides funding for a variety of commercial real estate and non-real estate projects worldwide through several different program options.
  7. Private Equity
    Americap Direct has a network "private lenders" with IRA's, 144a Bond, and Insurance. Our Sponsors are ready to review you Project.
  8. Credit Enhancement
    Find more information on Proof of funds, SWIFT Message, MT799, MT760, SBLCs and BGs. We offer top rated banks in the USA.
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GET UP TO $3 MILLION IN 48HOURS.                         ​​

TERM SHEET IN 10 DAYS. Americap Direct will structure your project, and upon successful completion of the due diligence and underwriting, we will issue a bonafide loan term sheet. Once all the loan conditions are met, our Private Investor will fund your Project.
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NEW 2019 PROGRAM: 6+4. Interest rate 6% and closing fee 4%.
Apply today for commercial, construction, hard money, or bridge loan, 75% loan to value
Super Fast Turn-Around,2 Days for Commitment, As Fast as 5 Days for Closing
Up to 75% Loan-to-Value, Loans for Commercial Property, Acquisitions & Refinancing

Second lien available with debt or equity up to 15% (CLTV: 90%)
Development and Construction, Bridge Loans., Bank Workouts
Hard Money, Bankruptcies & Foreclosures, Note Purchases, Discounted Payoffs
Rates as low as 6.00%-Closing in 5 days-Up to 75% funding-From $1,000,000-$50,000,000.00
Global Funding. All Property types: Apartment, condo, office, Hotel,  Retail, Office, Sub-Division, land, Industrial, Assisted Living.
Free Loan Review
No Application Fees
No Processing Fees
24 hour Pre-Approvals
No Cost & No Obligation
Simple Application Process
Excellent Rates and Terms
Professional Service
​Competitive hourly rates

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What is a Hard Money Commercial Loan?

The definition of "hard money commercial" when referred to in real estate financing, is essentially a non-bankable loan. The name hard money commercial is frequently interchanged with "no-doc" or private loans. For a hard money commercial loan, the underwriting decisions are based on the borrower's hard assets (real estate). Hard money commercial loans typically close relatively quickly. Direct Commercial Funding is the leader in hard money commercial lending (NO-DOC / Private lending ).

We have over 100 Commercial Hard Money Lenders for the following reasons:

Are you faced with any of these circumstances?

A borrower with impaired credit (Direct can lend to borrowers with any credit)
Tax liens/Judgements/Unpaid Utility Bills, etc.
Partner buyout
Time Constrained borrower
Complex borrower with multiple pieces of collateral
Foreclosure Avoidance
Foreign National


Over 1 billion processed from 2012
Recent Transactions

We will secure financing for a wide variety of commercial loan request, including multifamily, hotel/resort, renewable energy, gas station-C-Store, lines of credit, office, golf course, self-storage, new development/construction, franchise, assisted living, agriculture, and much more. Call today. What can Americap Direct do for you. Just a few transactions:
Here are some basic questions we ask our client before contacting a lender that will  let us determine the urgency of the Project:

  • What do you want to accomplish with this loan?
  • In a perfect world, how will this loan affect your business or financial situation?
  • How urgent is your need to close the loan? Why?
  • What will be the consequence if you do not obtain a loan?
  • What is your #1 priority in doing this loan—rate, speed, maximum dollars, buying out a partner, etc?

Here are four reasons why you would want to pursue a Hard Money Business Loan situation:

  • You have exhausted all other financial options – There may be other options for you. Let’s take a look at your commercial project and see if there is another way.
  • You have a short-term project usually between 6 months – 3 years in length.
  • The profit margin of your project is substantial and you need to seize an opportunity when it arises.
  • You need a transaction lender rather than a relationship lender.

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Brokers Welcome - Click Here
Welcome to Americap Direct. We work with Brokers nationwide as an additional outlet for their loans. When you work with us, you will receive professional and honest service along with a quick response to all loan submissions. Highest commission paid and guaranteed.


AMD is the #1 Proof of Funds Service Provider:
Bank Guarantee, MT799, MT760, MT103, SWIFT Service, Standby letter of Credit (SBLC)

  We offer top banks at wholesale rates​
 Call today for current rates
 Brokers welcome and protected
 Easy process and closing.
 We use top escrow firms and funds are protected.

AMD works with some of the worlds top Financial Institutions to issue and deliver Bank 
Guarantee BG or Standby Letter of Credit SBLC. Very flexible terms and conditions available. Tell us your needs and 
well work with you to close your deal.

AMD enjoys exclusive access to a very large portfolio of Cash Backed  MTN , T Bills , and Bonds available for 
borrowing. Instruments are issued from Top Financial Institutions working with any standard Bank to Bank procedure. 
Instruments being offered are AAA Rated by S&P and Moody’s .MTN , T Bills and Bonds are live existing instruments 
currently being traded on the Frankfort Exchange and can be verified on Euroclear , Bloomberg or Clearstream or 

Pre-Advice procedure available, delivery via SWIFT MT760 or DTC to Borrowers nominated receiving institution. 
Instruments are fully assignable, transferable, and may be leaned, encumbered, monetized or used for trade 
programs. Fees are 10.0% per 366 day term and the instrument can be renewed for up to 5 terms. No fees are paid 
until AFTER delivery and verification to the Borrowers satisfaction. Fees can be paid over the first 90 days with a 
minimal deposit .

Please send inquires to [email protected] 

This service is useful for the following applications:

A physical commodity trader wants to request Proof of Product from a Supplier
A physical commodity trader needs to provide Proof of Funds to a Supplier
A physical commodity trader want to advise Buyer he is RWA to issue Performance Bond upon receipt of LC
A debt instrument trader wants to provide Proof of Funds to instrument Seller
Various other uses

Top banks available

New Construction Loan Option - Residential or Commercial

100% Funding of Vertical Construction Costs
Land + New Construction Loan Options Available
Up To 75% ACV (After Constructed Value)
Rates: 8.99% - 14.99% Interest Only
6-24 Month Term - No Prepay(s)
2-6% Origination Fee Per Transaction
Residential: $75,000 - $5,000,000
Commercial: $150,000 - $500,000,000
Average 10 Business Days To Close
Foreign Nationals Welcome!
No Minimum Credit Score Required
Only Pay Interest On Funds Received


Our Commercial Real Estate Loan Benefits

Commercial property lending as low as 4.08% (as of 04/2018) 
• No upfront application or processing fees 
• Simplified application process 
• Up to 80% LTV on apartments, 75% on commercial (90%

    with SBA) 
• Terms and amortizations up to 30 years 
• Loans for purchase and refinance, including cash-out 
• 24 hour written pre-approvals with no cost and no obligatio


Many lenders require 10% down. We can help.
Fix & Flip/Construction
Up to 90% LTV- 7 day closing
Commercial Mortgage Loans
As of today, rates start at
Minimum Loan Size $750,000
Apartment Building Loans
As of today, rates start at
Minimum Loan Size $750,000
Business Real Estate Loans
As of  today, rates start at
Minimum Loan Size $750,00
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What do I need to get started?
Fast bridge loans

Loan size: $1 million to $150 million
Property types: All types considered
Terms: 1 to 3 year loans with extension options
Interest rates: From 8%
LTV: Up to 75%
Fees: From 3%
Apply online
Step 2

Receive our proposal with terms and services
Step 1

Fill out a Loan Summary
Discuss project with senior loan officer
 Step 3

Due diligence, collect documents, structure file, Pre-underwrite and address and rectify any issues. Submit to Investor  and receive a Lender Term sheet
 Step 4

Complete third party reports and underwriting.
Loan funds
 Experience and honest professional Advisors
Commercial Financing

AMERICAP DIRECT is a direct source for commercial development and construction loans. We understand the search for a commercial loan that best meets your individual investment needs, goals and property constraints is not easy. Structured as a privately held independent commercial real estate finance company and financial intermediary -- with an exclusive focus on originating commercial and multifamily  debt. Americap can offer a diverse mix of commercial real estate loans to meet the individual borrowing needs and investment objectives of its borrowers. Commercial loans for refinancing or purchase available. Our process is straight forward and simple. 

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  1. Hard Money
    Hard Money
    Fast funding commercial loans, with no red tape, rates as low as 9.00%, max LTV: 70% loan as low as $500,000 TO $50 Million closing in 10 days.
  2. Renewable Energy
    Renewable Energy
    We have successfully arranged funding with many wind energy projects and we assure you to provide fast and easy solutions according to your need.
  3. Construction loans
    Construction loans
    Nationwide funding up to $250 million. Most property types. Prime rate and hard money rates, up to 90% loan to cost. Terms up to 36 months.
AMD NEWS: Daily market intelligence on mortgages, equity raising, investment sales, and CMBS.

KKR Keeps CMBS Risk-Retainer, Conduit B-Piece Crowns in 1Q

KKR Real Estate Credit Opportunity Partners continued to be the most-active retainer of risk in the CMBS market during the first quarter. The affiliate of mortgage REIT KKR Real Estate Finance Trust Inc. took down the horizontal risk slices of three conduit transactions. Those bonds had a face value of $220.6 million, but were acquired at substantial discounts.

Written on Friday, 05 April 2019 

A-Rod Backed Multifamily Investment Firm Eyes $50Mln Raise for Latest Fund
Monument Capital Management, which was co-founded in 2012 by former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez, is looking to raise $50 million of equity commitments for its fourth investment fund. The Miami company targets workforce-housing properties - those constructed generally during the 1970s and 1980s - and that cater to residents who rent by necessity as opposed to by choice.

Written on Thursday, 04 April 2019 

Citibank Accounted for 14.6 Percent of All CMBS Loans Securitized in 1Q
Citibank contributed 50.3 loans totaling $2.4 billion to the CMBS market during the first quarter, accounting for 14.6 percent of all loans that were securitized during the period. It had contributed loans to more than one of every three CMBS deals that priced during the quarter. Meanwhile, the top five CMBS loan contributors accounted for more than half of the market's volume during the period.

Written on Wednesday, 03 April 2019 

Dallas Hospitality Company Pursues Select-Service, Extended-Stay Properties
TCOR Hotel Partners, which was founded in late 2017 by Thomas J. Corcoran Jr., the former chief executive and co-founder of FelCor Lodging Trust Inc., is building a portfolio of select-service and extended-stay properties. It currently owns three hotels, two of which through a venture with TriGate Capital, also of Dallas.
Nationwide and International

We operate in the United States and International.  Our Private Lender Network is currently licensed in all 50 states.


Call us today  1-877-998-7539