Proof of Funds Service

Credit Enhancement service

Proof of Funds is an efficient and inexpensive way to achieve your financial goals. The Proof of Funds we arrange for you is a real bank account with actual, verifiable, secured deposits – in your name – that can be used to enhance your financial position and, where needed, buy you time during a transaction. 
Bank Guarantee, MT799, MT760, MT103, SWIFT Service, Standby letter of Credit (SBLC)
A proof of funds is a document prepared by a financial institution that affirms that an individual or business entity has the funds on hand to enter into a given financial transaction. A document of this type is sometimes prepared at the request of a seller who is considering an offer from a buyer. The seller requests the proof through the buyer, who in turn authorizes his or her bank or other institution to provide data that confirms the ability to honor the terms of the transaction.
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Currently we offer a wide range of products:
-          Letters of Credit at Sight
-          Usance Letters of Credit
-          Standby Letters of Credit
-          Bank Guarantees
-          Performance Guarantees
-          Demand Guarantees
-          POF messages
-          Pre Advice Message
-          Comfort Letters
-          Ready Willing and Able (RWA) messages
-        SWIFT Services

Major Bank for Documentary Letter of Credit lines:
-              Bank Leumi USA
-              Israel Discount Bank USA
-              Bank Winter - Austria
-              Hanmi Bank USA
-              BNP Paribas HK
-              HSBC HK
-              Standard Charter Bank HK
-              Well Fargo
-              Hanmi Bank

Please ask for each bank restrictions and line limits

-            SBLC /BG – Bank Winter available up to 5mi with our approved wording.
-            LC, SBLC , BG up to 50mil from Standard Commerce Bank

We also offer a number of secondary issuing institutions:

·             Swiss Trading and  Fiduciary Trust- Switzerland
·             Panamian Trust and Savings Guarantee- Panama
·             Anametrics – Malaysia
·             Kwan Hua – China
·             ACUMEN BANK LTD - UK

There are two main reasons that clients use our Documentary LC facilities;
One client is regularly buying from his supplier. He is opening letters of credit, or making deposits, etc. This means that he is using his money (either depositing at the bank or with the supplier) before he has the goods. When he opens the LC through us, he doesn’t need to use his money until the goods arrive. This can be 30, 60, 90, 120 days after the LC was opened. The longer the manufacture and shipment period, the more advantageous it is for the client to use our letters of credit.

Instead of locking his money up with his supplier, he can use his money to hold stock, finance credit terms to regular buyers, market, etc.
The other type of client is a middleman. He has a buyer, and he has a seller. His buyer wants to pay Cash against documents, or when the goods arrive, etc. The middleman needs to arrange for the goods to ship so that he can finish the deal.

The supplier wants a deposit or an LC before he will ship the goods. The buyer opens the letter of credit through our company. In this way he doesn’t need to use his own capital to do the deal. He is less limited in the number of deals that he can do as middleman since he doesn’t need to use his own capital to do the deal.

Whether you are an importer, trader, broker, introducer, or consultant, if you have business that you think might interest us, give us a call or write us an email.  We would be very happy to speak with you about your transactions.  If we aren't the right address, maybe we can point you in the right direction.

Arron Peterson-Senior VP/Americap Direct

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Stand-by-Letter of Credit (SBLC)

About SBLC Providers

When you are completing transactions, particularly when banks are involved, it is
important to protect all parties. With standby letters of credit, or SBLC, you can
create assurance that invoices or loans will be paid as promised, even if the
borrower defaults on the loan or invoice. Obtaining SBLC financing is the best way
to create a guarantee of funds, even if the person who is promising to pay doesn’t
come through with the appropriate funds.

A Guaranteed Payment

One issue that other promises to pay can have is they may be subject to dispute
by the customer or the beneficiary of the payment. A financial standby letter of
credit guards against these disputes. This is because the letter of credit clearly
states the obligations of all parties that are involved in the transaction. In many
cases, there is an additional party besides the buyer and seller to further
guarantee payment if the buyer fails to follow through on the payment agreement.

A Back-up Option

The primary use of standby letters of credit created by SBLC providers is to serve
as a back-up option that is only used if the buyer fails to pay. However, it does
require some form of collateral or line of credit to back up the letter. This is why
the third-party involved in the transaction is typically a bank that offers up the line
of credit to ensure that a payment will be made to the seller. This gives sellers
greater assurance of payment, especially for larger transactions

Swift MT760 Services

When banks interact with each other, they use special codes that indicate specific
actions that should be taken by the other bank. One of these codes is MT760,
which places a hold on a certain amount of money in a client’s account to ensure
they can’t spend it. This type of MT760 bank guarantee can help you prove that
you have a certain amount of assets so you can get a loan or enter into another
type of financial agreement without actually giving you access to the funds.
A Reliable Guarantee Option
When you are looking for an MT760 bank guarantee, you will find our services are
among the most reliable. We give you a reliable option to guarantee the funds you
need will be there when you need them.

What is a Bank Guarantee

A Bank Guarantee is where one Bank (the Issuing Bank) issues an indemnity to
another Bank (the Beneficiary Bank) or directly to a Beneficiary, on behalf of its
account holder. The Issuing Bank will expect its account holder to pledge ‘assets’
to the bank for its issue.
There are effectively two main types of Bank Guarantees, (1) A Direct Guarantee
where the account holder instructs his bank to issue a Guarantee directly in
favour of the Beneficiary, and (2) An Indirect Guarantee where a second bank is
requested to issue a Guarantee in return for a counter-Guarantee. In this case
the Issuing Bank will indemnify losses made by this second bank in the event of
claim against the Guarantee.
A Bank Guarantee is considered a “Demand Guarantee” and as such is governed
by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Uniform Rules for Demand
Guarantees (URDG).

What is SWIFT?

SWIFT stands for Society for World-wide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications
and is an international organization. It provides means of secure communications
between Banks and its members. Membership to the society is regulated and only
vetted applicants are permitted to use the system at varying access levels.
It ensures that banks can communicate with each other and provided validation
and verification checks on their communications. It operates largely as a database
of varying levels of communication and transmittance of financial documents and
messages. Physical documents cannot be sent by SWIFT.
To be able to send and receive authenticated SWIFT messages one must be
accepted and subscribed to the Society.
Banks will have a trained SWIFT operator responsible for the management of
SWIFT messages, both out-bound and in-bound. In smaller Private Banks, this
may be one single individual. Larger banks will have SWIFT operator departments.
Each SWIFT message will have a Message Type (or MT) depending on the
database field. For example, MT 100 relates to cash transfers and the sending of
client funds between banks. MT 700 relates to Documentary Credits and
It is important to not complicate or refer to these SWIFT Message Types in
professional communications since it will not concern either the client or recipient
and is meant for inter-bank communication only

Swift MT799

What is an MT799?

MT799 is a simple text message, sent bank to bank. This is used for a bank to
bank proof of funds, only. The MT799 is not a form of payment and it is not a
bank undertaking or promise to pay. It is simply a bank to bank confirmation of the
funds on deposit, nothing more.

Different formats may include bank letters, phone/fax verification, online account
access, verification of deposit form (VOD), bank to bank Swift, Certificates of
Deposit (CD's) and/or account statements.

The Swift MT799 Cash Account

Before transactions are set to take place between two banks, it is important for the 
sending bank to send confirmation to the receiving bank. This message is typically
done through a Swift MT799. This type of communication between two banks does
not constitute the financial transaction itself but simply states that this transaction
is scheduled to take place. However, it is not a promise that the funds will be
transferred. It could still be cancelled.
The First Step in the Process
The Swift MT799 cash account is just the first step in the process. If you need to
guarantee the funds are in your account, this communication will indicate that the
funds will be deposited into the account in the near future. Once this
communication has been passed between the two banks, a contract can be
drafted and signed and a letter of credit can be issued by the receiving bank. This
is exactly what individuals need to complete large financial transactions.
Secure the Transaction
A Swift MT799 is designed to secure a transaction before any funds need to trade
hands. The seller obtains proof that the buyer has the funds to back up their
offer, while the buyer receives confirmation that they will receive the product or
service they are buying. The MT799 cash account serves as solid proof that the
transaction can take place because both parties can carry out their side of the


This is a "funds first" transaction. Because of the considerable
costs involved in providing Proof of Funds we cannot initiate
the process of creating an account for you without seeing the
fee upfront in escrow. We will not accept a delay of payment
until your other transaction closes.

The fee is paid into a third-party escrow account so you
are protected. You remain in control of the funds until
verification is completed.

We use a neutral third-party escrow company as the escrow
agent or funds can be deposit direct to us, and we will work as your Agent with our Bankers. Client must complete required deposit prior to the issuance of the POF or MT799 Swift or SBLC or BG.
 Once you receive the verified bank account letteror Instrument, you then authorize the release of the fees held in escrow. This ensures that all parties perform as agreed.

Set-up time to after a fully executed package is received and
funds are in escrow is 3-5 days.

Americap Direct known as ("AMD")
Step by step process
The following is the procedure for payment schedule. The following are general terms:

1. Fees are paid before the issuance of each SWIFT message. In the case of RWA for a BG/SBLC fees need to be paid before hard copy/email issuance.

2. AMD does not engage in JV payment structures and will not issue any message for zero monies paid upfront.

3. AMD will not accept payment via ICBPO or third party pending transaction after instrument is issued, otherwise, No promise to pay.

4. If AMD fails to deliver the instrument as agreed upon, AMD shall return the fees paid for that issuance.

5. Fees paid for an RWA and MT799 will be used as credit towards fees to be paid for the MT760.

6. In the case that AMD successfully delivers RWA/MT799 and client does not go ahead with MT760; fees paid for RWA and MT799 will not be returned.

All fees shall be agreed upon and stated in a formalized contract.
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Sample bank guarantee letter

Proof of funds Agent


Electronic notices sent from one bank to another. The MT799/MT999/MT199 Swift's are only 1% of the cinstrument face value and MESSAGES useful for Proof of Funds preadvice verifcation to the receiving bank, the MT760 Swift is a guarantee of value, an MT103 is a bank wire. We typically have capability to send SWIFT MT799, MT99, MT199 and MT760 on cash and SBLC/BG's.


Americap Financial Group will arrange investment capital for Proof of Funds/Verification of Deposit ( VOD ) uses on a short or long-term basis. We'll deliver the collateral you need, to release the working capital your projects require. $5M to $1 Billion in USD and EURO by MT760 or MT799. Your funds remain safe until we deliver on our service. All fees are placed in a secure escrow until the transaction completes. The funds from our "investor pool" are utilized to provision POF accounts at a predetermined fixed return-on-investment so that the client will not have to give up any ownership positions in their projects or transactions.

1. Complete Submission Checklist Items and Form

2 A contract is then sent back along with escrow instructions.

3. Once the fee is wired into escrow we will have the bank account set-up. Within 48-72 hours your POF account will be ready to be verified.

4. POF Letter is sent directly to Escrow from Issuing Bank or an MT799 is sent via Swift to Receiving Bank and an MT799 transmission receipt (export copy) is sent to escrow directly from Issuing Bank.