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Commercial Loan types
Property types  
Residential loan
Hard money: $250k to $500mm 70% LTV/close in 30 days or less/ short term: 2-10 years
rate: 8-12%, closing fee: 5%
Line of credit: $100k to $5mm, close in 10 days, rates from 10-21%.
Conventional funding: Up to 90%, close in 60-90 days. rates:4-6%. Purchase and Refinance
Loan amount: $500k to $500mm
closing fee: 2-3%
Joint venture, bond funding: up to 100% funding, loan amount: $10 million to 1 billion
points: 5-10%, term: 3-10 years
Construction and rehab: up to 95% LTV, Loan amount $150k-500mm. Term: 2,5,10 years
Rates: 8-12%. Points: 3-5%

We secure funding for apartments, assisted living, hotel, office, retail building resort, agriculture, green energy , bed and breakfast, self-storage, funeral home, Mixed use, warehouse, day care, strip mall, car wash, automotive, Flag and Non flag hotel/Motel Mobile home park

Up to 90% LTV No Mortgage insurance
No Foreclosure, Short Sale or BK Seasoning
Two years from Short Sale to 90% LTV
One year from Short Sale to 85% LTV
$3,000,000 loan amounts
50% DTI
Bank Statements for Income to 90% LTV
ATR-In-Full & Asset Depletion No Income or Employment Requirement
NO Reserves, NO Pre Payment Penalties
Closing points: 3%
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Requested term: 2,3,5,10 or 20 years
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Property value
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Loan seeking: Joint venture, hard money, 100% Bond, Conventional, Bridge, line of credit, construction
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Property vacant or land loan
(NOI) net operating income 2015-2017
Purchase price
Commercial loan requirements
What Commercial Property Information Do We Need?

Previous 2 years and YTD Income/Expense statement
Rent Roll/Lease Summary including square footage of units
Copies of leases
Property address and description, including: age, construction type and square footage
Copy of purchase contract (if purchase)
Photos if available

What Commercial Loan Borrower Information Do We Need?

 Personal finance statement (dated within 3 months)
Previous 2 years tax return
Use of loan proceeds

4  Ways To Apply

There are four ways to apply for a commercial loan through us:

Online.  Enter the information requested below, and upload your support documents.

Email.   Complete our “Submission Form”, and send with all required documents to our intake desk by emailing us at 

Direct.  If you have been assigned an Account Executive on a previous transaction/submission, then you may send it in directly to that person.

 Over the Phone: You can contact our agent and we can complete the intake process over the phone within 30 minutes. call  877-998-7539